At Full Spectrum Paintering Inc., we are experienced in the preparation and the refinishing of vinyl and aluminum siding (and trim). The pictures on this page show the results of a recent project we completed in St. John's. The change is astounding. For those customers who would rather have their vinyl siding replaced altogether, and were interested in locally produced, prefinished premium spruce clapboard, we highly recommend the  Newfoundland Wood Siding Company  for both workmanship and quality products.

A factory new appearance, durable enough to pass even the dreaded scratch test.

Notice the mildew and grime after years of neglect.


The Skinny on Vinyl and Aluminum... Yes, you can paint it!

If your home or business has faded, worn, dated vinyl or aluminum siding, there is a price conscious alternative to the many thousands of dollars needed to replace it...Yes, you can paint it!  Often with dramatic results.  By properly preparing the siding, and using today's latest generation 100% acrylic paint, you can get a new look and incredible curb appeal. For a fraction of the cost of replacing your siding, you can add new life to your home - and be content for years to come.

Benefits of repainting vinyl or aluminum siding

  • Restores weathered or faded siding to nearly factory-new appearance
  • Updates a home's colour scheme for enhanced curb appeal and overall value
  • Protects the siding from the elements and UV exposure with the latest coating technology  (Benjamin Moore)

Applying paint to vinyl both improves its durability and is, ultimately, less time-consuming than painting wood, masonry, stucco or other regularly used exterior products. Neither vinyl nor aluminum siding retains moisture, for instance. It is therefore fairly easy to clean of mildew and grime (even after years of neglect) and dries quickly for final applications. This ease of operation also equals savings for you; for, less time spent on preparatory work means less time charged to you for the project as a whole. Even more money in your pocket? What's not to like about that...


Vinyl Siding Repaints