It's all in the Preparation...

For us at Full Spectrum Painting Inc., there is nothing quite worse than visually apparent drywall seams on a newly finished wall or ceiling. Improper technique and/or lack of care, haunts a good finish like a dark shadow, ruining the best paint job and wasting money. Improper preparation (taping and finishing) makes for a poor job - it's that plain and simple. When it comes to taping and plaster finishing, it takes deft skill and meticulous care to get it right... the first time. Be it a new home, a commercial space, a newly renovated basement, or simply a repair to existing drywall, our professional plasterers take the time, every time, to ensure quality workmanship.

The best thing you can say about our plasterers is, 'You'd never know they were here!' ... Exactly!

Plastering Services