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Our Pricing Guidelines

Interior Painting Projects

As a valued customer,we invite you to use the guidelines below for pricing your interior residential painting project(s). Please note, however, these prices are for general reference only. Every job is different, and thus prices can vary considerably, depending on the difficulty of surface preparation (major plaster/drywall repair required?), the expectations of the job (high cathedral ceilings perhaps?), the size of the room, the number of doorways and window boxes, whether the room is furnished or empty. For instance, a 15x20 (300 sq.ft.) empty room is far easier to paint than one 10x15 (150 sq.ft.) fully furnished. For, the smaller room, though half the size, requires covering furniture, and moving it about (sometimes constantly). Consequently, the flow of work is restricted, and more difficult to perform; it takes longer, and thus costs more. We invite you to use the guide below to estimate the price of your project, but please understand these prices are not final; no actual estimate can be given until we see the work first hand. Thanks.

Walls: $350-$450 per average room* (smaller rooms = less $. Example: average bathroom $200; half-bath $150)
Ceilings: $150-$250 per room (smaller rooms = less $. Example: average half bath $75).
Trim: $75-$150 per room on average (smaller rooms = less $). This price includes baseboards, door-casings and windows boxes. Extra: French doors $65 per side per door; average doors $25 per side; slated wooden closet doors $50. Necessary caulking is included.

Case Example: Guest Bedroom Repaint (12'x15'). Room has one large window, a door and one closet. Walls are in decent shape - just regular nail holes, minor gouges and scuffs- no major plaster work. The ceiling is in excellent condition and does not require painting. Trim requires regular caulking and some minor finishing work prior to painting. The customer does not wish to paint the doors. On average, a customer can expect this room to cost approx $600 + HST for a professional repaint {Breakdown: $450 for the walls (two coats high quality latex), + $150 for the trim (1 coat high quality latex semi-gloss white).

​Our prices are based on the following:
​ - Walls: 2 coats interior high quality latex (customers' choice of color & finish). We use Benjamin Moore products, as well as Behr Premium Plus (Ultra).
- Ceilings: 1coat interior quality latex flat ceiling paint.
- Trim: 1 coat interior quality latex white semi-gloss.

- Minimal surface preparation / No major plaster or drywall issues (ie. cracks, tape repair, water damage) that need addressing. Major plaster work obviously adds time and cost to the project. Minor nicks and nail holes do not cost extra as they are part of normal prep.

- Wall height 8ft. Higher walls equal more surface area, more paint, more time... more cost.
- * Average room size is considered to be equal to or less than 255 sq. ft (15x17ft). Extra charges will apply for extra large rooms.
- Extra charges will be applied if more than two coats (or priming) is required (ie. to mitigate stained surfaces).

​- Quoted prices will include the cost of all materials needed for the job as well as HST. There will be no hidden costs at the end of the project...This is a guarantee.

- We reserve the right to change our rates at any time.